My new project Gestural Lineage

Here I’ll be writing updates as I spend a year in the Philippines, researching for my new dance-anthropology project Gestural Lineage.

What I hope to learn: 

-I hope to observe daily gestures in Filipino culture
-I hope to experience how the environment contributes to the culture
-i hope to learn and observe indigenous protocols
-I hope to understand Indigenous Filipino relationship to the land, water, and sky
-I hope to understand relationships within the community

Project outcomes:

-Blog posts to keep those interested in this work informed on the journey
-Documentation in writing 
-Film compilation
-Live performance piece and/or dance film with Filipino dance artists 
-Workshops/discussion on the topics of ancestry, motherland and the first peoples of the land on which we currently reside

Check back here for updates throughout my time!

Tin Gamboa